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Health Equity

Summit Housing & Outreach Programs was the lead agency for the Mississauga Halton LHIN Health Equity Data Collection Project from 2013-2019. Summit partnered with the LHIN to support community partner agencies in implementing sociodemographic data collection to improve health equity.

We ask the eight Core Sociodemographic Questions of our clients so that we know who we are serving and who we are not reaching in our community. These questions also provide us with information about the special needs of our clients and allows us to better understand client experience and outcomes. We also use the HEIA (Health Equity Impact Assessment) to identify unintended potential health impacts (positive or negative) of a policy, program, or initiative on vulnerable or marginalized groups within the general population. When we identify these impacts, we can then make adjustments to mitigate negative impacts and maximize positive impacts on the population groups identified.

2014 Health Equity Symposium
2015 Health Equity Symposium
2016 Health Equity Symposium